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Customer Care Services

Our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our clients makes us what we are today – the premier provider of strategic customer care solutions.  In fact, Customer magazine has recognized GC Services as a top provider of both inbound and outbound customer care management services for over a decade. 

Keys to our growth and continued profitability remain as they have been since our inception in 1957 – a progressive and resourceful corporate culture coupled with flexibility and creativity in meeting our clients’ new and unique challenges.  Today, our employees provide a variety of call center services, including:

  • Customer Care Call Handling
  • Sales Order Entry Taking and Tracking
  • New Application Processing and Credit Approval Processing
  • Error Processing 
  • Retention, Saves, and Winbacks
  • Third Party Sales Verification Services
  • Email Services
  • Chat Services
  • Executive Escalation
  • Quality First Monitoring
  • Back Office Processing

GC Services has earned multiple MVP Quality awards, including consecutive GOLD MVP awards for quality service.  GC Services is also consistently recognized as a premier customer care solutions provider with Customer magazine's Teleservices Top 50 award. 


  • Financial strength
  • Industry longevity
  • Tenured executive leadership
  • Award-winning call center provider
  • Inbound and outbound customer care
  • Accounts receivable solutions
  • Seamless integration
  • Technological flexibility
  • Public and private sector clients
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