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About Us

As one of the industry’s leading business process outsourcing providers today, GC Services offers a wide array of accounts receivable solutions and customer care solutions to both public and private sector organizations. Our partnerships include clients from numerous industries including the automotive, banking and financial services, cable and satellite, consumer goods/computer manufacturing and electronics, retail, telecommunications, utility, mortgage, student loans, and various governmental sectors. Such diverse experience allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients with highly skilled management and staff.  GC Services provides custom-tailored solutions to meet specific performance objectives and service levels. We have proven our competence in handling all stages of delinquency within the receivable cycle. 

GC Services' unique and distinguishing factors include our financial strength, industry longevity, and tenured executive leadership.

As an outsourcing leader in both the call center and accounts receivable industries, GC Services provides a wide array of inbound and outbound management solutions to both public and private sector organizations. We are comprised of three distinct operating divisions:


  • Financial strength
  • Industry longevity
  • Tenured executive leadership
  • Award-winning call center provider
  • Inbound and outbound customer care
  • Accounts receivable solutions
  • Seamless integration
  • Technological flexibility
  • Public and private sector clients

First Party Programs
We provide live receivables management programs, including early stage collection, cure programs, and pre charge-off programs to clients in numerous industries.
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Third Party Programs
We offer third party post charge-off collection services to some of the nation’s most respected businesses and public sector agencies.
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Customer Care Services
We assist clients with a full range of customer care needs, including fraud control, specialized constituent care programs, quality monitoring, executive escalations, and other call center services.
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